Palapinė Nash Titan T3 375x315x175cm



    Palapinė Nash Titan T3 375x315x175cm

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    Solid Angel-HQ with lots of space and storage space without end!
    With the Titan T3, what is probably the best fishing tent has got an order of magnitude of superlatives :
    We are proud to present you the T3 of the Nash Titan basic tents - the undisputed flagship Angelbivvy is now available in XL size - for maximum comfort and storage space without end!
    Cause of this development was growing demand from Long Session fishermen , as well as vacationing anglers to large, high fishing tents for a longer stay on the water.
    This huge Long Session Bivvy offers more than enough space to accommodate two SS4 Wide Sleeping Systems with an enormous amount of storage space between the beds!
    Also included is a removable, closed mesh inside cabin with an integrated groundsheet , which offers perfect protection against snakes, mice, reptiles and the like and brings the comfort of the living room to the water.
    The massive Titan T3 offers plenty of space to sleep well rested, to cook, to live in and also to store your tackle perfectly sorted - no matter how long the excursion / session may last!
    defies storms and storms:
    The extreme tent material and the massive pole system also ensure that even the strongest storms and thunderstorms cannot harm your long session base tent.
    In this luxurious two man + fishing headquarters, even the biggest fishermen among us will find the perfect place to rest and retreat, and thus also the perfect relaxation .
    Product details:
    Dimensions: 375 x 312 x 175 cm
    Height: 175cm
    Transport dimensions: 175 x 32 x 32 cm
    Weight with inside cabin and storm poles: approx. 20.5kg
    Weight with groundsheet ( not included): approx. 25kg
    Weight without inside cabin and groundsheet: approx. 15kg
    Material: Heavy Duty Armored Titanium Material
    Letter box door system with mesh and removable transparent windows
    internal hook next to the block for hanging lamps etc.
    Ventilation panels on the back for cooling air circulation
    including removable and closed inner mesh cabin, tension bar and tent pegs
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