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    Miegmaišis Anaconda Night Warrior 4

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    Protection against the cold in every season! 

    The Night Warrior 4 is a green sleeping bag , which warms you up to temperatures of approx. -5 degrees on outdoor excursions . However, it doesn't get too warm for you when it's summer. Because this sleeping bag brings the temperature right to the point! Accordingly, you won't get too warm in summer and not too cold in winter. A ideal companion for every season !

    Should rain get into your tent. Then the masterful Night Warrior 4 scores with its water-repellent outer material . Strictly speaking, it consists entirely of 190T polyester !

    The sleeping bag also has side straps , which you can use to attach it to the bedchair (not included!). This will prevent the sleeping bag from slipping and prevent falls into the shallows.

    Another advantage of the Night Warrior 4 is that that it is extremely light with a weight of 4.5kg and can be transported in the carrying bag from the car to the tent without overloading your arms.

    So the sleeping bag, with a Quick release on 2 sides, nothing to be desired and gives you a pleasant warmth every night so that you can start again the next day!

    Product details:

    Dimensions: 210 x 90cm

    Weight: approx. 4.5kg

    Material: 100% 190T polyester

    Color: Green

    suitable up to approx. -5 degrees Celsius

    quick release fastener over 2 sides

    Lateral straps for attachment to the bedchair (not included!)

    water-repellent outer material

    Delivery incl. Carrying case

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