Gultas Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair - New 2020



    Gultas Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair

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    In addition to extraordinary comfort, the Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair offers countless other practical features .
    This includes the completely flat frame for extra comfort and the extremely well thought-out double joints , which are designed in such a way that they run through elastic bands and ensure that the mattress is flawlessly firm, as well as allowing the bed to be packed up with the sleeping bag on top.
    The completely continuous back support system with head section, middle section and foot section pays for itself with the "Fold Over" back support system .
    The “one-touch” Spring Lok leg adjustment mechanism is intuitive and absolutely reliable.
    strong 50mm mattress made of extremely dense foam with hollow fibers ensures a very soft, but still firm support.
    A firmer foam is used on the outer edge of the mattress so that the mattress is less compressed there by the frame.
    The double compression belt system is also a special feature, because it allows the bed to be packaged much more compactly than with the regular single tension belt.
    This lounger is also suitable for use with the current Fox sleeping bag covers, as well as for attaching any Flatliner sleeping bag model - but all other sleeping bag models can also be used.
    Product details of the Flatliner Bedchairs:
    Dimensions: width 84cm x length 215cm
    Minimum height: 38cm
    Maximum height: 52cm
    Weight: 16kg
    Outer material: 100% polyester
    Filling: 100% polyurethane
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