Kedė Anaconda Lounge Carp Chair



    Kedė Anaconda Lounge Carp Chair

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    Lounge carp chair
    A carp chair with all-round perfect equipment.
    The Lounge Carp Chair is easy to use and absolutely comfortable.
    Equipped with armrests, good padding in the head area, continuously adjustable legs and extra wide mud feet.
    So you can find the perfect seating position in any terrain.
    Product description:
    Seat: 50 x 36 cm
    Backrest: 50 x 65 cm
    Armrests: 46cm
    Snap-in aid to secure the legs
    Transport size: 95 x 60 cm
    Weight: about 6.5kg
    extra wide mud feet
    Cover: 600D polyester with water-repellent PVC coating
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