Cygnet Sleeping Set V1 gultas+šiltas uždangalas



    Cygnet Sleeping Set V1 gultas+šiltas uždangalas (613105+614150)

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    This set consists of:
    1x Cygnet Sniper Bed (613105)
    1x Cygnet Bedchair Cover (614150)

    Cygnet Sniper Bed

    Make your next adventure even more comfortable!

    The Cygnet Sniper Bed is a bed for anglers looking for a comfortable and supportive place to sleep on their fishing trips. The bed features a sturdy aluminum frame and adjustable legs, allowing you to adjust the height and position of the bed to suit your needs.

    The Sniper Bed features a high-density foam mattress that offers excellent comfort and support , and features a padded head and footrest for added comfort. The bed features a water-repellent cover to keep you dry even when wet, and a removable pillow for extra comfort.

    The bed has a low profile to ensure you sleep comfortably all night can. It also features an adjustable strap system that allows you to attach it to your fishing platform to ensure it stays stable and secure while you sleep.

    Product Details:

    • Completely low profile with a comfortable mattress
    • The mattress is attached to the frame with a rope to increase comfort
    • 5 fully adjustable legs with pivoting mud feet
    • A single spring-loaded headboard for extra support
    • Double hinges allow you to put a sleeping bag inside
    • Dimensions: 198 x 77 cm
    • Weight: 7.9 kg

    Cygnet Bedchair Cover – bed cover 220 x 130 cm

    The  perfect cover for your fishing adventure!

    With this thermal duvet cover you are well equipped to stay warm and cozy even in cold weather. Wear it alone or in combination with sleeping bags, this cover provides extra warmth and protects you from the elements.

    The soft fleece pongee lining provides even more warmth and unparalleled comfort. You will love how the cover gently hugs your body and gives you a feeling of comfort. The oversized side panels keep the heat inside and prevent cold air from getting in, so you can enjoy the night without being disturbed.

    The water-repellent, durable and quick-drying polyester fabric makes this cover a durable companion for your fishing trips. You don't have to worry if it rains or the floor is damp - the cover will withstand and protect you reliably.

    With the elastic bed bunk attachments in the most important places you can attach the cover securely and ensure that that it stays in place throughout the night. The Cygnet Bedchair Cover is sized 220cm (L) x 130cm (W) to ensure full coverage of your bedchair.

    Prepare for your next adventure and enjoy restful nights by the water with the Cygnet Bedchair Cover. Let the warmth envelop you and experience unforgettable fishing moments, even in cool temperatures. Order your Cygnet Bedchair Cover today and get ready for comfort and coziness on your future fishing trips!

    Product Details

    • Size: 220cm (L) x 130cm (W)
    • Material: 100% polyester
    • Full coverage thermal duvet cover, can be used alone or in conjunction with sleeping bags for extra warmth in cold weather
    • Soft fleece pongee lining for added warmth and comfort
    • Oversized side panels retain heat inside and reduce cold air ingress
    • Water-repellent, durable and quick-drying polyester fabric
    • Elastic bed base attachments at key points to secure cover
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