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    Elektrinis inkaro pakėlėjas Stronger Steel Hands 35S PRO - modelis skirtas sūriam vandeniui. Šis modelis skirtas valtims iki 7 metrų ilgio. Rekomenduojamas iki 15 kg inkaras. Ritėje 40 metrų 4mm virvės, kuri atlaiko iki 360kg. Maksimali darbinė gervės apkrova - 90 kg. Inkaro kėlimo greitis - 30m/min.


    The anchor winch SH 35 S PRO is designed for installation on boats up to 7 meters long. An anchor rope 40 meters long with a thickness of 4 mm and a winch wound around the spool is supplied with the winch. The breaking load of the anchor rope is 360 kg. The winch cover is made of a durable ABC plastic which is not afraid of the effects of ultraviolet rays, as well as sudden temperature changes.

    The winch comes with a roller, fasteners, a power cable and a 1-year warranty sheet. The details of the winch mechanism are made of durable stainless steel with galvanized coating. The winch has a quiet running mechanism.

    For fishermen who need a quiet dumping of the anchor without splashing and anchoring water anchors when it is discharged, a “smooth anchor entry function into the water” is provided. When the anchor reset button is pressed, the winch motor lowers it to the water surface and only then does the anchor free reset. Thanks to the “free anchor reset” function, within a few seconds the anchor reaches the bottom.

    The entire mechanism of the winch is implemented mechanically, which significantly increases the reliability of the mechanism and, in general, the winch itself. The SH 35 S PRO has a 130-watt motor. Anchor winch is available in two versions for open and concealed installation. For today it is the most powerful winch in our line. This model was designed taking into account the wishes of the fishermen of athletes. For correct operation of the anchor winch, the recommended weight range of anchors is (18-30 LB) (8-15 kg).

    To date, STRONGER winches are the quietest in work rope anchor winches, which have the function of free anchor reset.


    Maximum anchor weight *
    15 kg
    Boat length, up to
    7 m
    Anchor rope
    ∅ 4 mm, length 40 m
    Control button
    Function buttons
    ascent / descent
    Rod for safe transport anchors
    The function of a smooth entry of the anchor into the water
    Free discharge armature
    The rate of rise of the armature
    30 m/min
    Amount in a package
    1 PC
    The weight
    9 kg
    Winches Dimensions
    280х290х160 mm
    Dimension of the railways SH-35
    260х82х129 mm
    Model number
    SH – 35 PRO
    1 year
    Max. Working load
    90 kg
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