Valas WFT First 8 Mint Green 150m



    Valas WFT First 8 Mint Green 150m

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    WFT First 8 KG is our new 8-fold braided premium line for highest demands. For this purpose we process thinnest UHMPE filaments, manufactured by NIPPON DYNEEMA in Japan.
    For this purpose, the latest, sensor-controlled German braiding machine generation is used, which ensures the tightest braiding angle and absolutely even pretensioning of the individual threads.
    So we can offer you a unique, 8x braided line of only 0.065mm.
    Unique is the suppleness and knot strength.
    Even the lightest spin baits can be inserted far and in place - the drag torque of the WFT FIRST 8 KG is extremely low - yet 100m of the WFT FIRST 8 KG 0.065mm weigh just 1.2 grams!
    The WFT FIRST 8 KG glides silently through the rings during the throw.
    The new GEL-COAT coating, which can be applied in extremely thin coating thicknesses in the 1000th of a mm range, and thus increases surface smoothness and abrasion resistance without any other mechanical properties, is also responsible for this
    Due to this coating the cord does not absorb water.
    The WFT FIRST 8 KG has the highest linear load capacity and knot strength.
    It is the most supple, braided fishing line we could ever offer you.
    In addition, the WFT FIRST 8 is so superior in all mechanical properties, that after the first use it will probably never want to use another string.
    Content: 150m

    0,065mm 5kg
    0,08mm 8kg
    0.10mm 10kg
    0.12mm 12kg
    0.14mm 14kg
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