Spiningas Daiwa Silver Creek UL Spin 180cm 3-14g



    Spiningas Daiwa Silver Creek UL Spin 235cm 3-14g

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    Silver Creek Ultra Light Spin
    with a rod length of 235cm and a casting weight of 3-14g
    Ultra-light spinning rod at a low price!
    Here we have the ideal rod for ultra-light spin fishing! Thanks to its feather-light weight, hours of fatigue-free fishing are no problem at all .
    The Silver Creek Ultra Light spinning rod is a very sensitive and light spinning rod with a spliced ​​full carbon fiber tip . The strong backbone of the HMC + carbon fiber blank ensures that you can safely carry and present light baits in the stream, even in strong currents.<fontface="times new="" roman"="" size="3">  
    The fluo-orange ring winding on the tip ring helps you to recognize even fine bites, even in poor light conditions. With the help of the stable and robust titanium oxide rod rings, this rod is also ideal for fishing for perch, trout and chub.<fontface="times new="" roman"="" size="3">  
    The modern blank design with the good performance complements both optically and technically perfectly with common spinning reels and thus ensures, in addition to spinning fish fun, a visual appearance that is impressive.<fontface="times new="" roman"="" size="3">  
    Special Features:
    HMC + carbon fiber blank, high-quality EVA handle, two-part, spliced ​​full carbon fiber tip, skeleton reel seat, stable and robust titanium oxide rings, ...
    Rod color:dark
    Rod parts:2
    Blank:Carbon fiber
    Throwing weight:3-14g
    Own weight:105g
    Call:8 + 1
    Rod length:235cm
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