Spiningai Major Craft Egizaust 5G-199,00 
    Spiningai Major Craft Egizaust 5G-199,00 
    Spiningai Major Craft Egizaust 5G-199,00 
    Spiningai Major Craft Egizaust 5G-199,00 



    Spiningai Major Craft Egizaust 5G

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    Major Craft Egizaust 5G

    The Next generation Egging rod just arrived!

    "The rod controls the Egi bait" A full-scale egging rod that allows you to control the Egi bait as you wish. Fully equipped with the new structure blank "R360 structure" that thoroughly pursued to minimize the shake of the rod. Furthermore, a lightweight carbon frame SIC guide is used for the tip part that reduces flickering from the tip to the bat. As a result, the fishing braid flows well when casting, which contributes to increasing the casting distance, and the flickering during jerk is also reduced, so you will be able to manipulate the egi bait as you wish. 


    New manufacturing method "R360 structure"

    By arranging the carbon fibers in a straight vertical , diagonical right "fade" , diagonical left and then sideways horizontal directions the result is an ultra-lightweight blank that combines immense power and tension. Unlike the conventional carbon tape reinforcement on the blank surface, the R360 blank is composed of carbon sheets  in multi-axial direction. This ultimate blank structure due to it's carbon arrangement responds to 360 degree forces.


    Latest material "Toray Industries, Inc. T1100G carbon"

    Utilizing Toray Industries, Inc.'s nano-level fiber structure control technology, we have achieved both high strength and high elasticity. It is a carbon packed with the latest technology used for structural members in the aerospace field, which mainly requires extreme performance.


    All 5G Series are equipped with FUJI SIC stainless steel frame and Fuji DPS reel seat (FUJI VSS for LSJ models)

    EGIZAUST 5GEZ5-832M 8'3" / 2.52EGI 2.0-4.00.4-1.2 PEReg. Fast
    EGIZAUST 5GEZ5-832ML 8'3" / 2.52EGI 1.5-3.50.4-1.0 PEReg. Fast
    EGIZAUST 5GEZ5-862ML 8'6'' / 2.59EGI 1.5-3.50.4-1.0 PEReg. Fast
    EGIZAUST 5GEZ5-S862M 8'6'' / 2.59EGI 2.0-4.00.4-1.2 PEReg. Fast
    EGIZAUST 5GEZ5-862M 8'6'' / 2.59EGI 2.0-4.00.4-1.2 PEReg. Fast

    PASTABA: formuodami užsakymą norimą modelį nurodykite Pastabose, kurios yra užsakymo formoje arba elektroniniu laišku info@spiningavimas.lt

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