ARTISAN new area fishing-585,00 
    ARTISAN new area fishing-585,00 
    ARTISAN new area fishing-585,00 
    ARTISAN new area fishing-585,00 



    EVERGREEN ARTISAN new area fishing

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    uper delicate operation unique to a solid tip and thorough response to the strength and weakness of the bite.
    A medium light solid tip that is good for super delicate operations such as lightweight spoons and small cranks. By combining a solid tip with exquisite length and hardness with a taut but slender and flexible tubular tip, you can not only ``mount'' it as only a solid tip can, but also ``hook it'' aggressively, which is difficult to do with a tubular tip. Thoroughly responds to the strength and weakness of the bite. In addition, the beautiful bending curve that does not make you feel the seams of the solid eliminates the feeling of getting stuck, giving you a smooth cast feel and reducing the chance of it falling apart after hooking a fish.
    Compatible lures: spoons, micro spoons, crankbaits, minnows, etc...
    PASTABA: norimą modelį prašome nurodyti pastabose esančiose užsakymo pildymo formoje arba el. paštu
    ModelLengthPieceWeightLure WeightLine(lb)PowerActionTypeOther
    AATS-61L/RF6'1"(1.85m)273g1~3gMF 0.25~0.5/PE 0.2~0.4LightRegular FastSpinning-
    AATS-62MH/R6'2"(1.88m)280g1~6gMF 0.3~0.6/PE 0.2~0.8M-HeavyRegularSpinning-
    AATS-61ML/S6'1"(1.85m)278g1.5~5gMF 0.3~0.6/PE 0.2~0.6M-LightSlowSpinning-
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