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    Zetrix Hayron is new for the 2022 season. A series of modern, reliable and high-quality tools, created for many hours, often daily work for results: both in sports and in the realities of “work” fishing. In conditions where increased demands are rightly placed on gear.

    Calibrated balance, comfort when casting and retrieving different types of lures, sensitivity, power resource and the ability to “not lose the trophy” when fishing - all these important working qualities are definitely combined in Hayron rods

    The laconic design, high-quality fittings, predictable characteristics and overall reliability emphasize that you have in your hands a fishing rod created with skill and understanding of the needs of the angler. A spinning rod where any model in the line is worthy of bearing the “PAL Approved” sign - which means it has been tested under the harsh conditions of the Pro Anglers League tournament.

    *PAL Approved

    The requirements for gear and each of its components in sports are always higher than in “regular” fishing. Especially when it comes to the Pro Anglers League tournament - serious sport does not forgive mistakes.

    Hayron pre-production rods were tested during the recent Pro Anglers League tournament, under extreme loads and emergency situations. When every characteristic, every element of gear undergoes a severe test of practice, often with exorbitant loads.

    Well-known PAL athletes - Pitertsov, Arestov - took an active part in testing and refining the Hayron.

    This approach - testing in the conditions of a top tournament before launching into mass production - allows you to cut out the unnecessary and concentrate on the main thing: performance qualities, practicality, ergonomics and reliability in real fishing conditions.

    The rings are in anti-flood frames with durable inserts.

    The eronomic handle is made of reliable, practical and durable EVA material, with a non-slip “fungus” at the end. Models for spinning reels are equipped with a closed reel seat, which is comfortable even when fishing at sub-zero temperatures. Power models for multipliers - Swimbait Edition - have a powerful, elongated front part (Foregrip).

    All Hayron rods are two-piece

    Hayron model range:

    11 models for spinning reels - in a modern design and with a spaced handle.

    4 specialized Swimbait Edition models * - two for spinning and two, with similar characteristics, for “multi”.

    Zetrix Hayron Spinning - modern, reliable and high-quality spinning rods

    Zetrix Hayron Model Chart

    Models Purpose



    Two models, the main characteristic of which is maximum comfort when fishing with jerk baits - minnow wobblers and topwaters. The second important characteristic is comfortable work with unloaded silicone.




    HRS-792ML/ M

    Multifunctional models that go well with different types of bait - wobblers, jigs and iron - within the test




    The rods are, first of all, of the jig type: the “end” action with a noticeable reserve of power in the butt provides a decent level of tactile sensitivity and allows you to comfortably track the wiring of jig baits.



    Good tools from the “multi-tasking” category. They go well with different types of lures, including brutal heavy jigs and large metal lures. Suitable for working with today's largest and heaviest models of deep-sea cranks with a travel horizon of more than 6 meters.





    The most powerful rods for deep water fishing. Available in spinning and casting versions. The models were created for modern methods of fishing with large baits that do not require aggressive animation. Such as large silicone, large compound swimbaits, brutal “mice” and large pike spinnerbaits.

    Hayron SBE Swimbait Edition - rods for trophy fishing on big water.

    The differences between Swimbait Edition and “regular” models are not only in the test range. SBE have an increased margin of safety, reliability and power, both in the form itself and in the fittings and handle design.

    For comfortable long-hour fishing with large, heavy baits, the Hayron SBE handle is made of a solid, “European” length.

    Zetrix Hayron Casting SBE - Swimabit Edition

    In a very serious lure test, the balance of all Swimbait Edition models is impressive - there is no feeling that you are holding heavy-duty gear in your hands. And the elongated front part of the handle (Foregrip) provides both comfort with some options for retrieving heavy baits, and convenience when fishing a trophy specimen for a long time.

    This is how they compare favorably with classic short “jerkbait” models and noticeably outperform powerful spinning rods for the Japanese market in ergonomics.

    Swimbait Edition satisfies the needs of the most demanding and experienced fishermen in fishing with large lures: the testing and refinement of these power models was carried out by experts who constantly practice power fishing - Andrey Pitertsov and Andrey Fisherman

    MODELISSvoris gr.Ilgis mGaliaValas PEIšmetimas grIsmetimas gr.Dalys
    HRS-702M1097'0"/2.13MediumSpiningas0.6 - 1.57 - 282
    HRS-702MH1197'0"/2.13Medium-HeavySpiningas0.8 - 1.710 - 352
    HRS-742L/ML987'4"/2.26Light/Medium-LightSpiningas0.4 - 1.04 - 172
    HRS-762M/MH1147'6"/2.29Medium/Medium-HeavySpiningas0.6 - 1.58 - 352
    HRS-762ML1047'6"/2.29Medium-LightSpiningas0.5 - 1.25 - 212
    HRS-782MH1257'8"/2.34Medium-HeavySpiningas0.8 - 1.712 - 462
    HRS-792ML/M1097'9"/2.36Medium-Light/MediumSpiningas0.6 - 1.25 - 242
    HRS-802M1238'0"/2.44MediumSpiningas0.6 - 1.57 - 282
    HRS-812H1388'1"/2.47HeavyCastingas1 - 214 - 562
    HRC-822SBE2008'2"/2.50-Castingas-max 1402
    HRS-822MH1348'2"/2.50Medium-HeavyCastingas0.8 - 1.712 - 462
    HRS-822SBE1688'2"/2.50-Castingas-max 1402
    HRC-842SBE2308'4"/2.55-Castingas-max 2002
    HRS-842HH1678'4"/2.55Heavy-HeavyCastingas1.2 - 3.018 - 702
    HRS-842SBE1908'4"/2.55-Castingas-max 2002

    PASTABA: norimą modelį prašome nurodyti pastabose esančiose užsakymo pildymo formoje arba el. paštu info@spiningavimas.lt

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