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Spiningas Yamaga Blanks Blue Current III 82B (248cm 2-20gr)

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BlueCurrentⅢ 82/B (Overhead reel Model)
The long stick that gives you incredible distance with various method of light game rigs.
Although this is over 8ft long, you can handle like it is 7.6ft long thanks to sharpness and lightness of blanks themselves.
Tip section which have flexibility to manipulate lure delicately link to butt section which is strong enough to stop the powerful run of large target.
You will not lose your initiative thanks to the advantage of overhead reel and massive repulsive force hidden in fine blanks.
This deserved to be called all mighty overhead reel stick to cover various situations and target such as surface game for seabass or black sea bream, rock fish game and mackerel of course.

TargetHorse Mackerel (Aji)・Rock fish・Black seabream・Seabass・etc
LureJig head・ Rig・Plug・Metal Jig
LengthWeightSectionLureLineCarbonPriceJAN CODE
2495mm93g2pcsMAX20g(JH2~20g / Float3.3~20g / Jig2~20g / Rig2~20g / Plug2~15g)PE0.4~0.8 / NY・FC4~10lb90.5%

Closed Length : 1280mm Joint : Put Over Ferrule Reel Seat:PMTS17(Fuji)
Guide:SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide (Fuji) Suitable reel size :Overhead Reel For Ultra Fine Line
Sizes of rod a. Length (From trigger to end of grip in the case of overhead model. b. Whole length of grip.

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