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    The Stradic is one of our best known and most trusted reels and has been used with the highest satisfaction by anglers all over the world for many years. The next generation of Stradic builds on an impeccable reputation for quality and durability.
    The Stradic is a serious reel from the Coresolid family and is known for its powerful yet smooth performance. The Stradic is a great all-rounder. Regardless of fish species or type of fishing, there is always a suitable model within the Stradic series that suits your situation. The Stradic is powerful enough to fish heavier lures but also smooth enough to provide precision when needed. The Stradic is a pleasure to use in all fresh and saltwater conditions.
    The Stradic features SHIMANO's best reel technology, including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Micro Module II, Silent Drive, INFINITYXROSS and INFINITYDRIVE. These advanced features are housed in a lightweight aluminum HAGANE body, which produces a combination of strength and smoothness that you can feel during reeling. The DURACROSS Drag provides precise and extremely accurate control of the fish, through a subtle and powerful adjustment. The addition of X-Protect means that this reel can be used under the most extreme conditions. From heavier pike fishing in the polder to topwater fishing for sea bass in the salt water. The Long Stroke AR-C Spool ensures a better casting distance and the ANTI-TWIST Fin keeps the line in place during techniques where there is slack in the line, such as twitch baiting.

    • Features

      • Gear ratio: 6.0:1
      • Line capacity meter/ømm: 140/0,2
      • Retrieval: 75 centimeter
      • Weight: 185 gram
      • Braking force: 3 kilogram, ball bearings: 6+1
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