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    Shimano Stradic 3000 FM - The new version of the classic!

    This versatile reel combines exceptional performance with an impressive combination of power, sophistication and smoothness. The latest generation of a reel with a long-standing legacy and impeccable reputation, the Stradic consistently delivers first-class performance in action.

    In terms of price, the Stradic is positioned in the middle of the Coresolid product range and impresses with a high level of quality and technology. Whether you are a versatile angler who uses different methods for different species of fish or a determined specialist - you will find the right reel in the Stradic Range.

    Robust and powerful enough to effortlessly handle fishing with heavy baits and fighting hard-fighting fish, the Stradic also offers convincing sophistication and precision. Whether in fresh or salt water, the Stradic makes fishing an absolute pleasure. Get the Shimano Stradic FM and experience perfection in every movement!

    Product details:
    • Hagane Gear
    • X Ship
    • Micro Modules II
    • Silent Drive
    • Infinityxcross
    • Infinity Drive
    • Hagane bodysuit
    • X Protect
    • Duracross brakes
    • Long stroke spool
    • Anti twist fin
    Braking power:9kg
    Cord holder:0.25mm/210m, 0.30mm/130m, 0.35mm/100m
    Cord retraction:75cm
    Gear ratio x:1:5,1
    Weight in grams:225
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