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    1. One piece fishing reel. Durable and easy to be installed on other rods. Easy and convenient
    2. Plastic wheel is durable if you want to go fishing outdoor in cold weather for a long time
    3. Lightweight Portable reel can be easily put into your backpack when you are preparing things for fishing
    4. This round bait cast reel is a good helper when you are fishing big fish. And the handle and handbrake flake can help you save your effort better with the exchange of your left and right hand
    5. Detachable fishing reel. Just slid the small silver metal piece, and then you can take the wheel apart easily
    6. Different size for you to choose in different fishing s
    7. Suitable for fishing in sea, ocean, river, stream and lake etc in winter. Can be as a gift for people who likes to go fishing


    B--------7 cm/ 2.76-------6 cm/ 2.36-----2 cm/ 0.788--------0.07kg/ 0.154lb

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