Ritės Major Craft Ceana 2500-4000HG-95,00 



    Ritės Major Craft Ceana 2500-4000HG

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    MAJOR CRAFT Fishing Hi-Gear Spinning Reel CEANA 3000HG

    Japanese company Major Craft, created the Ceana spinning reel, which represents an excellent choice in the field of Spinning and is perfectly combined with the company’s rods.

    The Major Craft Ceana reel is made of Carbon alloy material, which is highly resistant to seawater corrosion. The rotor is also made of the same material, giving to the reel low weight and great strength. The spool is made of aluminum and the handle has non-slip EVA material for comfortable handling even with wet hands.

    The operation of the mechanism is supported by 7+1 stainless steel bearings.

    It is available in 3 sizes to cover Light, to Heavy Spinning, while the 4000 size can also be used in shore and boat light jigging fishing techniques.

    The most important provision of the company has to do with the fact that each reel has a unique serial number and an annual Guarantee of good operation, which can all the way to replacing the reel, if the performance can not be restored.

    Technical Characteristics:
    Nylon With 30% Carbon Fiber Body
    Anodized Aluminum Spool
    Solid Aluminum Handle
    Stainless Steel Main Shaft And Ball Bearings
    By Processing All Metal Parts And Ball Bearings With Salt Treatment,It Is Less Likely To Rust.

    ReelGear RatioWeightDrag ForceBall BearingsCapacity
    CNS2500HG6.2 :1240 gr7,2 kg7+1 BBPE #1 0,185 mm  150 m
    CNS3000HG6.2 :1250 gr8,6 kg7+1 BBPE #1.2 0,205 mm  200 m
    CNS4000HG6.2 :1275 gr9 kg7+1 BBPE #2 0,235 mm  300m

    PASTABA: formuodami užsakymą norimą modeli nurodykite Pastabose, kurios yra užsakymo formoje arba elektroniniu laišku info@spiningavimas.lt

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