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Ritė Daiwa Caldia
Ritė Daiwa Caldia
Ritė Daiwa Caldia
Ritė Daiwa Caldia



YRA SANDĖLYJE! Ritė Daiwa Caldia LT 1000-6000

Ritė Daiwa Caldia
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Spininginė ritė su priekiniu stabdžiu. Daiwa Caldia gamyboje naudojamos tokios pačios, naujausios technologijos ir sprendimai, kaip CERTARE ričių.

PASTABA: formuodami užsakymą norimos prekės modelį prašome nurodyti pastabose arbe el.pastu info@spiningavimas.lt. 

Extra strong, highly durable Big Game Waller Role & Marine combat role!
The new Caldia for the year 2018 are made with the latest technologies in Rollenbau made with the new Daiwa Light & Tough Konezept and have as already its predecessor, the proven MagSealed construction.
Thanks to the new LT (Light & Tough) design have the Caldia LT 2018, extreme stability and resilience to, they are also much lighter than last year's model and have a significantly higher brake force !
A novel design of the drive ensures efficient power transmission & retrieve power , so that the Caldia LT methods can be used for a variety of fish and spin prevail even in extreme situations.
With the stable, one-piece aluminum handle for screwing the margin is reduced to a minimum during cranking and thus a perfect power transmission during the fight guaranteed!
The role of Body Zaion material that optimizes the weight of the Caldia LT spinning reels come down significantly and also ensures a perfect & verwindunfeste storage of the transmission.
Thanks to the wide range of models within the Caldia LT series everyone will find enthusiastic spin fishing the right model for him - from ultra-light spin fishing, to heavy spinning is everything there!
MagSealed Body construction:
Provides excellent protection against water penetration, as well as salt and dirt particles, thereby providing a maximum stake and life with full power .
ATD braking system:
Running without the usual, high initial resistance and keeps constant the set braking force, even under heavy loads.
Special Features:
6 ball bearing (including 1 "CRBB") Zaion roller body & Zaion Air rotor Light & Tough (LT) concept, MagSealed body construction, Tough DigiGear (TDG), ATD brake system, 10kg maximum braking force, manual Infinite anti-reverse backstop CrossWrap line distribution (= perfect winding pattern with almost all fishing lines), Silent Oscillaiton system, aluminum Air coil, CNC machined aluminum spool with soft-touch T-handle knob, Air Bail roller bracket, Twist Buster II line roller, ...
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