YRA SANDELYJE! Ritė Shimano Ultegra FC 5000



    SANDELYJE! Ritė Shimano Ultegra FC 2500 FC HG

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    Ultegra FC 2500 HG Neu 2022
    Line capacity 240 meters 0.20 mm
    The new version of the bestseller!
    The new ULTEGRA is the ultimate further development of one of the most popular mid-priced reels from Shimano. The ULTEGRA is now equipped with many of the latest features from top-class SHIMANO reels, such as the Stella, and defies production reality with its outstanding price-performance ratio.
    HAGANE Gear, MicroModule II, X-Ship and Silent Drive guarantee sensational line laying and smoothness - even under load. X-Protect protects the line roller and the backstop from penetrating water and thus contributes to longevity and impeccable performance.
    For maximum casting distances, the Ultegra has been equipped with a long stroke spool with an AR-C spool design, which enables the line to fly freely from the reel in the cast. The Ci4 + body reduced the weight to a minimum to enable long and fatigue-free fishing
    Product details:
    •  Hagane-Gear
    •  Silent Drive
    •  CI4-Material-Mix
    •  A-RB ball bearings
    •  X-Protect
    Ball-bearing:5 + 1
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:6,2: 1
    Braking force:9 kg
    Weight:225 grams
    Line retraction:78 cm
    Cord setting:240 Meter 0,20 mm
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