Ritė Shimano Twin Power SW C 4000XG-388,00 



    Ritė Shimano Twin Power SW C 4000XG

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    Shimano has created a real masterpiece with the Twin Power SW. The reel is comparable to the Stella SW in terms of features, but much cheaper!

    A strong fight with a very large fish is no problem at all for the Twin Power SW. The HaganeBody, combined with a suitable Hagane gearbox, X-Ship and the Silent Drive feature, ensure maximum crank performance and unbelievably smooth running at the same time.

    X-Shield and X-Protect protect the inside of the roll from penetrating factors such as water or dirt. The Heat Sink brake is responsible for improving the braking power and ensures a safe feeling even with hard drills.

    Of course, there are numerous other features on board. Original A-RB ball bearings and Infinity Drive for easy cranking thanks to very low sliding resistance.

    The AR-C spool ensures more accurate casts with less backlash. One Piece Bail - Bail made from one piece of stainless steel with no edges for line to snag.

    Product Details:

    • Hagane Body
    • Hagane gearbox
    • X-Ship for effective power transmission
    • Silent Drive
    • X Shield
    • X Protect
    • AR-C Spool
    • One-piece bail
    • S A-RB
    • Infinity Drive
    • Heat sink drag
    Spare spool:no
    Crank:single crank
    line retrieval:95cm
    Braking power:11kg
    line capacity:0.30mm/180m, 0.35mm/130m
    Weight in grams:345
    Translation x:1:6.2
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