Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H-273,00 



    Ritė Daiwa 23 Caldia SW 8000-H

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    23 Caldia SW 8000-H

    The ultimate sea roll!

    The Daiwa 23 Caldia SW is an impressive sea reel designed specifically for demanding anglers. With its exceptional features and innovative technology, it is perfect for fishing for a variety of marine fish species including cod, halibut, coalfish, pollack, amberjack, mahi mahi and more.

    The Caldia SW is characterized by the MQ aluminum reel body, which allows the use of a significantly larger gear. This gear provides immense retrieval power and resilience, making them the ideal choice for fishing large ocean fish. The larger teeth on the Tough Digigear drive wheel improve power transmission and significantly increase the smooth running and service life of the reel.

    The Magsealed construction on the axle prevents salt water and particles from entering through the main axle, minimizing the risk of internal corrosion.

    The ATD braking system works in conjunction with the carbon fiber brake discs to optimally release the line under load and ensure high braking power. The reel features an extra strong aluminum crank and an extra large T-shape crank knob for comfortable and efficient fishing.

    The Daiwa 23 Caldia is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a reliable and high-performance sea reel. With this reel you are well equipped to safely tackle even the largest sea fish. Trust in Daiwa and experience how the Caldia SW takes your sea fishing adventure to a new level.

    Product details:
    • extra large T-shape crank knob
    • MQ monocoque aluminum reel body
    • MagSealed body construction
    • 6 ball bearings
    • Air rotor
    • Tough Digigear gear
    • MagSealed ball bearings on the side axle
    • ATD braking system
    • Cross wrap line laying
    • CNC machined aluminum spool
    • Air Bail roller bracket
    • Machine-milled aluminum screw-in crank
    Braking power:15kg
    Weight in grams:630
    Line retraction:110cm
    Cord holder:0.40mm/200m
    Gear ratio x:1:5.7
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