Ritė Daiwa 23 Airity LT3000 PC-554,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Airity LT3000 PC-554,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Airity LT3000 PC-554,00 
    Ritė Daiwa 23 Airity LT3000 PC-554,00 



    Ritė Daiwa 23 Airity LT3000 PC

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    23 Airity LT3000 PC

    The lightest reel with airdrive design!

    Discover the revolution in reel design with the Daiwa 23 Airity LT - the lightest reel in Daiwa history, designed with the innovative Airdrive design. This reel embodies the highest sensitivity and smoothness, perfect for demanding anglers.
    The CNC machined drive wheel has been carefully coated to ensure remarkably quiet and smooth running. Thanks to the Airdrive Shaft and its low-contact structure, this reel minimizes frictional resistance and offers a virtually silent ride that is unparalleled. The magnesium roller body in monocoque construction enables a larger gear with better power transmission and increased durability under load, while the torsion-resistant construction ensures optimal gear storage and permanently smooth movements.
    The innovative airdrive rotor reduces the weight in the upper part of the reel, improves balance and gives you a precise casting feel and optimized sensitivity when guiding the bait. Thanks to the lighter rotor, the reel starts with minimal starting resistance and reacts quickly.
    The new hollow Airdrive bracket sets a new standard in bracket design, combining lightness with robustness for years of trouble-free use. The Airdrive coil impresses with reduced wall thickness and eliminated weight, which contributes to weight reduction in the front part. The Twistbuster III line roller minimizes twist, especially on braided lines, while the Magsealed construction in the axle and line roller reduces the influence of salt water, corrosion and dirt particles.
    Immerse yourself in a new era of fishing with the Daiwa 23 Airity LT - the perfect combination of technology, lightness and durability for an unparalleled fishing experience.
    Product details:
    • T-shape crank knob{{ n }}
    • 9 CRBB and 2 MagSealed ball bearings
    • Airdrive design
    • MQ monocoque magnesium reel body
    • Zaion airdrive rotor
    • CNC machined Diggigear gearbox
    • Airdrive axle
    • ATD Type-L braking system
    • Airdrive ABS long cast spool
    • Airdrive roller bracket
    • Twist Buster III line roller
    • Made in Japan
    Braking power:10kg
    Cord holder:0.23mm/150m
    Cord retraction:77cm
    Gear ratio x:1:5,2
    Weight in grams:185
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