Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020
    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020
    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020
    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020
    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020
    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C 5000 XG - New 2020



    Naujiena! Shimano Vanford C 3000 HG F , New 2021

    Shimano Vanford
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    Vanford C 3000 HG F
    with 6.0: 1 ratio
    Shimano's most sensitive spinning reel!
    The new Vanford is the first choice when it comes to sensitivity . Because that is exactly what it is designed for. Their unique MGL rotor design contributes significantly to the sensitivity of the role. But it also gives each of your turns a certain lightness . Accordingly, it is ideal for fine techniques in which careful bait control plays a central role.
    But this role has a lot more to offer. The XProtect system uses the first lip to prevent water from penetrating between the rotor and the housing. In addition, there is a special grease between the second and third, which, through contact with the rotor cooler, reduces frictional resistance . This role is also protected against salt and Straub . This is ensured by their corrosion-resistant S-ARB ball bearings. As a result, it stubbornly resists the splashes of water that inevitably occur when fishing, and has a protective shield against the dust whirling up during a fight.
    However, its stability can also be seen, which is achieved by the fact that the pinion is supported by two Shimano roller bearings. If you take a closer look at the pinion, you will notice that it has been positioned near the center line of the large drive gear, which means that more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor . The cold forged Hagane drive gear also ensures long-lasting smoothness, strength and lightness . To reduce the weight of the role came the CI4 + material used, which just a remarkable rigidity contributes and thus the efficiency once the Vanford increases .
    However, the most important thing in spin fishing is the casting distance. This point was already taken into account in the ARC spool design. Because this reduces the friction of your main line and, based on this, you can perform longer, more precise throws . This design also reduces the number of line tangles.
    The Vanford is a must for every avid spin fisherman!
    Special Features:
    Hagane Gear, Micromodule II, XSHIP, Silent Drive, MGL Rotor, XProtect, G Free Body, ARC Spool, Long Stroke Spool, CI4 Plus, 7 S-ARB Kugellager, …
    Spare spool:No
    Casing:Ci4 +
    Translation:6.0: 1
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Ball-bearing:7 + 1
    Crank:Single crank
    Braking force:9kg
    Own weight:180g
    Cord holder:0,25mm/210m, 0,30mm/130m, 0,35mm/100m
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