Multiplikatorius Shimano SLX DC 150 - Dešinė ranka-185,00 



    Multiplikatorius Shimano SLX DC 150 - Dešinė ranka

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    The SLX DC is designed for effortless casting – in any condition. The DC braking system means: this reel has ‘brains’. The DC system calculates 1000 times per second what the right braking force is, in order to prevent backlash and at the same time optimizing the distance and accuracy of the cast. It makes fishing with a baitcasting reel very easy and effortless.No need to change the settings of the reel when the weather or lure changes: the DC system will do this for you. This results for more efficient fishing time and focus for the angler
    • Advanced Digital Spool Control System (I-DC4)
    • 4 modes of setting the cast brake: 1. Maximum distance, 2. Line and braided line, 3. Fluorocarbon, 4. Skipping
    • The Digital Control system is self-sufficient - it does not need batteries - it is charged while turning the crank
    • HAGANE aluminum body - light and strong
    • S3D Spool to reduce vibrations caused by the operation of the bait
    • A guide for perfect line laying on the spool
    Svoris: 215 g
    Guolių skaičius: 5
    Perdavimas: 6.3: 1
    Valo surinkimas vienu rankenėlės pasukimu: 67 cm
    Valo talpa: 0,33mm-100m
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