Multiplikatorius Shimano Grappler BB 201 HG-140,00 



    Multiplikatorius Shimano Grappler BB 201 HG

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    The new Grappler BB has been designed for fishing with the jigging technique, thanks to the body made of the ultra-light Ci4 + composite. We have equipped it with an over 5 cm double handle, which allows better control of the haul and perfectly balances the entire structure. In reference to the rods from the Grappler series, our new multiplier has been equipped with a 5.5 kg brake with carbon discs, which allows the angler to quickly detach the fish from the bottom, even when fishing at great depths.

    • Ultra-light CI4 + body
    • Ideal low profile multiplier for light casting variations
    • 4 Shielded A-RB and 1 roller bearing
    • Weight of only 185g keeps your hand in a tight grip and allows you to maintain full control of your bait
    • SVS casting drag system gives perfect spool control during Throw
    • Long (51mm) double handle for easy transfer of force during the haul
    Svoris: 185 g
    Guolių skaičius: 5
    Perdavimas: 7,2: 1
    Valo surinkimas vienu rankenėlės pasukimu: 77 cm
    Valo talpa: 0,2mm-255m
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