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    Multiplikatorius Shimano Curado MGL 151 HG

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    Shimano Curado MGL 151 Reel is a specialized reel for fishing perch and zander with small and medium lures. It is one of the few so well equipped and light multipliers on the market, offered at a very competitive price. Its weight is around 190g, and we estimate the lower projection limit at just 6 grams. All this is due to a technologically advanced structure combined with a light housing made of strong and stiff Ci4 + carbon.


    Inside the Shimano Curado MGL 151 multiplier there are 7 bearings, corrosion resistant and sealed to limit water ingress. The drive is a combination of X-SHIP technology, using additional support bearings, and MicroModule gears with very fine teeth. It generates high winding power under load and pleasant, imperceptible work with reduced noise emissions. The main advantage of this multiplier is the stable 3rd generation MGL spool, in which the friction during the casting was reduced by as much as 17%. In combination with the SVS Infinity casting system, making long casts with light lures is not a problem.


    The Shimano Curado MGL 151 multiplier with a smaller gear ratio is recommended especially for fishing with soft lures using the fall technique, the faster one will be perfect, especially when fishing with twitching lures. It is undoubtedly one of the best proposals on the market for fans of light baitcasting, offering unusually pleasant and quiet operation

    • Medium size multiplier, dedicated to lighter types of fishing
    • MGL spool that allows you to make long casts with light lures
    • SVS Infinity Cast Brake System with a wide range of settings
    • Light and compact housing made of Ci4 + carbon
    Svoris: 190 g
    Guolių skaičius: 7
    Perdavimas: 7.4: 1
    Valo surinkimas vienu rankenėlės pasukimu: 74 cm
    Valo talpa: 0.33mm-100m
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