Shimano Forcemaster 9000 A-939,00 
    Shimano Forcemaster 9000 A-939,00 
    Shimano Forcemaster 9000 A-939,00 
    Shimano Forcemaster 9000 A-939,00 



    Shimano Forcemaster 9000 A

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    Forcemaster 9000A
    with 3.1: 1 translation
    End level of an electric roller!
    With the Forcemaster 9000A from Shimano you are well prepared for enormous battles with underwater monsters! You can look forward to a reliable reel that will convince you with the highest quality materials and its durability < / div>
    With the development of the Forcemaster 9000A, Shimano has a new masterpiece < / strong> created. The electric reel has a line capacity of 1100 m for PE6 and 900 m for PE8, which is more than sufficient for all types of fishing. With a maximum engine power of 78 kg and a retrieval strength of 14 kg, the fish have no chance ! The model has a clutch lever made of metal and a new Ci4 + crank knob.
    The HAGANE-Body is made of high-strength aluminum / magnesium. The manufacturing process stands for dimensional rigidity and impact resistance and prevents flexural fatigue. The result is an ultra-robust protective jacket for the high-performance gear inside, which ensures that the entire roller can withstand greater loads.
    Exciting drag sound: The special sound technology makes it possible to create a drag sound on a baitcast reel without using a clicker function to have to. It works just like the sound of a spinning reel when line is pulled against the brake. A “click-click-click” sound can be heard. A great feature for all anglers who like to fish with a baitcast reel and do not want to do without this sound when playing!
    The high-quality Forcemaster 9000A offers enough features to qualify for a strong companion for your next fishing session!
    Special Features:
    • HAGANE body with Heat Free System II ventilation openings for efficient heat dissipation of the motor heat • Advanced brushless motor for high recovery speeds and high torque • Multi-disc brake with four carbon brake discs and a maximum braking force of 25kg • Pull-in force - 14kg • Maximum recovery speed - 140 m / min • Exciting drag sound - when the brake an electronic brake sound is heard when it expires. The bigger the fish, the more exciting the braking noises • Modes for constant hauling in speed and constant tension • Fine point LCD display shows all necessary information • 3.1: 1 ratio • 3 ball bearings • 25kg braking force • Crank: Power handle made of steel (single crank) • 88cm cord draw.

    Kitchen sink:aluminum
    crank:Single crank
    Cord retraction:88cm
    Braking force:25kg
    translation:3.1: 1
    Spare spool:no
    own weight:1520g
    Waterproof brake:no
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