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Shimano BeastMaster 9000 A

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The Shimano Beastmaster 9000A is at the pinnacle of electric fishing reels. After years of development by the experts at Shimano, anglers now have a reel capable of exploring the truly deep reefs. Pulling monsters from the deep is a specialty of the brushless, high-torque, high-speed, durable Giga Max Motor, with a winding strength of up to 290-pounds and a power cord included. With an amazing 55-pounds of thermo-adjustable drag power and a 50% reduction of drag heat, deep-water species like grouper, trevalla, swordfish and tuna will not be able to resist the Beastmaster. It is possible to halt spool rotation with the aid of the mechanical brake knob while preventing backlash from the rig as it drops. Shimano BeastMaster 9000

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Solid big pit roll with Thermo Control!
The BeastMaster 9000 is a completely new electric big pit fishing reel which, thanks to its durability, Heat dissipation and scores with its high torque of 113kg .
To protect the role from sand, salt or dirt it is equipped with S-ARB ball bearings, which have a sealed surface. The HAGANE body serves as ultra-robust protection for the high-performance gear inside. This increases the resilience of this role immensely. The coil , on the other hand, is protected from excessive heat development in the drag torque by the Thermo Adjust Drag Control. At the same time, a stable towing power is obtained .
The LCD is also not to be overlooked Screen of the role, which offers you excellent resolution and unprecedented usability .
The overall package is rounded off by the fact that you can decide for yourself whether a constant tension and unwinding adapted to the load at the end of the cord, is maintained. Or a constant speed regardless of the load , is maintained. A strong magnet was installed for this purpose, which maintains the roller performance at high temperatures .
If you like the dragging noise , then you don't have to miss this with the BeastMaster 9000.
Special Features:
Heat Free System II, Gigamx motor, Hagane body, Tankenmaru System, Thermo Adjust Drag Control, E-Exciting Drag Sound, S-ARB ball bearings, Raku / Speed Mode, Dine Dot LCD, aluminum crank with large crank knob, ...
Spare spool:no
crank:Single crank
Cord retraction:88cm
Braking force:25kg
own weight:1485g
Cord setting:0.32mm / 1870m
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