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Ritė WFT New Line Counter
Ritė WFT New Line Counter
Ritė WFT New Line Counter
Ritė WFT New Line Counter



Ritė WFT Digital Linecounter 865 LH - Neu 2020 (kairei rankai)

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New Line Counter 865 LH*
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with 5.1: 1 ratio
Multi-sea reel with reliable equipment and the latest technology!
Modern WFT multi-reels with a high-precision, electronic line counter, as well as an automatic line guide and a reliable carbon brake system.
Thanks to their low weight and the compact reel body, the WFT Line Counter 865 is ideal for deep sea fishing with light fishing tackle and the use of WFT KG Strong fishing lines, which is becoming increasingly popular !
The star brake of the WFT Line Counter multi-reels enables use with particularly thin line diameters and is therefore also perfect for downrigger fishing , especially if particularly thin, monofilament fishing lines are used.
With a line retraction of 70cm per crank revolution and the line guide, which prevents tilting by two additional cross struts, the WFT digital line counters are suitable for fishing in particularly large water depths!
Special Features:
6 + 1 sealed stainless steel bearings, electronic counter up to 999 meters, aluminum spool, precise & extremely powerful star brake, carbon brake disc, automatic cord guide (double positive guidance for a perfect winding pattern with all cords!), WFT Assist DOG Infinite Anti-Reverse Backstop, line clip, flip button for freewheel release, ...
Spare coil:No
Kitchen sink:Aluminum
Crank:Single crank
Translation:5.1: 1
Own weight:385g
Line retraction:70cm
Cord capture:22kg/480m, 32kg/340m, 39kg/260m
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