Shimano Aero Technium MgS 14000 XSD-649,00 
    Shimano Aero Technium MgS 14000 XSD-649,00 
    Shimano Aero Technium MgS 14000 XSD-649,00 
    Shimano Aero Technium MgS 14000 XSD-649,00 



    Shimano Aero Technium MgS 14000 XSD

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    Shimano Aero Technium MGS 14000 XSD - The ultimate long cast reel!

    In the never-ending pursuit of perfection, Shimano has redefined the future of ultra-long-range big pit reels, combining for the first time a radically new spool design with the world-famous Super Slow 10 Oscillation line lay. The new Long Stroke Spool has a length of 45 mm and significantly increases the surface area of the spool (+30%) compared to previous models.

    • An ultra-long-range big pit reel that underpins Shimano's world-famous reputation.
    • Shimano's Long Stroke Spool design for the first time in combination with Super Slow 10 Oscillation line laying.
    • The next level in terms of long-distance casting performance and precision.

    So this is it, the new Aero Technium MgS. Shimano's new and super slim flagship with extreme long-distance casting performance and precision.

    It's no secret that line friction during a cast is a limiting factor in maximum casting distance. The unique combination of Long Stroke Spool Design and Super Slow Oscillation Technology (107 line wraps per spool stroke) is designed to minimize line friction as it flies off the spool during a cast. By additionally integrating a spool edge in the AR-C design and parallel body technology, Shimano offers long-range anglers the ultimate long-distance casting potential and outstanding performance. In internal tests, significantly better casting distances were achieved compared to conventional Big Pit reels.

    As the name suggests, the slim Hagane Body is made of ultra-light magnesium to minimize overall weight. This allows faster rod speeds to be generated during maximum distance casts, which in turn improves the top speed of the lead in the cast. As if all of these unique features weren't enough, Shimano has also redesigned the main shaft to minimize any flexing under extreme loads. This new Rigid Cast technology helps optimize line release timing and also reduces unwanted spool vibrations.

    Of course, no feature replaces perfect throwing technique, but by improving long-distance casting performance and minimizing weight, Shimano has also optimized casting precision. Less effort means more precision, more control and improved technique that allows the lead and bait to be placed precisely in the same spot again and again.

    Product details:

    • Infinitydrive: Eliminates sliding resistance and enables easy cranking even under load
    • Silentdrive: Takes smooth running to a new level
    • 45 mm spool: The longer spool core leads to more casting distance
    • Superslow 10: Slower line lay for more casting distance and accuracy
    • Rigidcast: Provides a balance of stability and weight reduction
    • Cross Carbon Drag: Offers Shimano's smoothest braking performance ever
    • Hagane body and Hagene gearbox
    • X-Ship Gearbox
    • AR-C coil
    • Parallel Body
    • AR-B ball bearings
    • One Piece Bail
    • Hi Speed Drag

    Braking power:20kg
    Cord holder:0.35mm/550m
    Cord retraction:103cm
    Gear ratio x:1:4,3
    Weight in grams:510
    crank:Single crank
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