Shimano Tribal TX-1 A 13 ft Intensity-109,00 



    Shimano Tribal TX-1 A 13 ft Intensity

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    Shimano Tribal TX-1 A 13ft Intensity - For long range use at maximum distances!

    With the TX-1 A, the Shimano team is relaunching the popular TX-1 carp rods for the 2019 & 2020.

    Thin carbon blanks with a perfect bending curve and great fighting power, this is where top performance meets a perfect price!

    The TX-1 A are also used in terms of design the proven tribal look - they can be perfectly combined with all common carp, stalking & Use Big Pit fishing reels and ensure a coordinated appearance.

    The perfect bending curve ensures that the rod blanks of the TX-1 are loaded up to the handle section and so even heavier carp & Move basic rigs to good distances.

    No matter whether it's about bridging huge casting distances in long-range carp fishing, precision casts at medium distances or drills with the biggest carp in our waters - with the Tribal TX-1 A you keep it you are always in full control!

    With the Intensity models you can transport even the heaviest carp & Basic assemblies, as well as bulging feed rockets & Co at the greatest distances!

    Product details:

    • thin carbon rod blanks with a perfect bending curve and large power reserves
    • Shimano Stainless Steel Hardlite rod guides
    • 50mm butt ring
    • Shimano DPS reel seat (for a secure fit of your carp & big pit reels)
    • Comfortable thin rubber rod grip for long-term comfort - even under the heaviest loads
    • Transport holdall
    Rod length in ft:13
    Rod parts:2
    Starting ring:50
    Test curve in lbs:3,50
    Transport length in cm:198
    Weight in grams:480
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