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    Stovas Cormoran 3-Rest Rod Pod - 3 Rod

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    Light, solid and fast!

    The Cormoran 3-rest rod Pod is a particularly lightweight and a extremely solid rod pod, which can also be set up in a flash .

    The high stability distinguishes this rod pod and the variable length as well as the adjustable feet it is perfectly compatible with any terrain and suitable for all rod lengths .

    Buzzer bars for up to 3 carp rods are included and the height of the buzzer bars can be perfectly adjusted.

    The specially coated aluminum rods are also extremely impact and shock resistant .

    The 3-rest rod pod comes with a transport bag made of 100% polyester.
    Product details:
    Total length: 80 - 130cm

    Material (transport bag): 100% polyester

    3 buzzer bar: 50cm

    Bite indicator distance: 24cm

    Transport length: 81cm

    Weight: 2.0kg

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