Stovas Anaconda Extension Rod Pod Pro-109,00 



    Stovas Anaconda Extension Rod Pod Pro

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    Versatile rod pod for a secure support!
    The Extension Rod Pod Pro is a further development of the popular Extension Pod and offers you a safe setup for up to three rods . You can set up this rod pod as a normal "indestructible four-legged friend" or you use the 2 extra long legs included in the scope of delivery around it as a high pod to set up. The choice is yours!
    The legs can also be lowered Adjust the Extension Rod Pod Pro in three different angular positions , as well as telescope in length and thanks to the safety locking mechanism your settings will remain safe. So you can be sure that this rod pod will fit perfectly into your favorite fishing spot and that fishing will be even more fun.
    Of course, all components are of the rod pod rustproof and therefore ideally suited for the shore. In addition, the powder-coated aluminum frame keeps the weight low and allows you to easily transport it. The included valuable transport bag has enough storage space to transport everything comfortably.
    Product details
    Extendable length : 70 - 124cm

    3 buzzer bar at the front 46.5cm, 3 buzzer bar at the back 39.5cm
    a total of 6 legs: four short legs (30-60cm) and two long legs (63-105cm)
    Transport size: 80cm x 20cm x 10cm
    weight : 3.6kg
    valuable transport bag made of 600 D polyester
    pulve Coated aluminum frame
    Safety locking mechanism
    three different angles of inclination of the legs
    all components rustproof
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