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Nash Citruz Pink Boilies 15 mm 1 kg

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Nash Bait
Citruz Pink boilies 15 mm 1 kg

Unsurpassed boilies!

You can always count on these boilies, regardless of whether the temperatures are falling or whether you are in a well-fished body of water.
The Citruz Pink Boilies with which you can use at any time of the year and no matter how many fishing colleagues are still on the water, you can offer the fish unbeatable attractiveness. These boilies are a fixed part of the Citruz range and contain exceptional fruit esters and essential oils.
The Citruz boilies are particularly intensive and highly attractive boilies that not only release their attractors particularly quickly, but also are perfect for overfished waters. Even the most suspicious of carp will find it hard to resist this well-balanced bait, especially as the pink boilies provide an unmissable feeding signal. 
A mix of bright pink and washed out boilies are included in a pack Pink boilies, as this can dampen the suspicions of the fish. 
The Citruz Range is particularly in demand when the temperatures drop or you need a lot of attractiveness in overfished waters. The baits and flavorings used in this range convince even the best in Europe. The range is based on a recipe that has been in use since the 70's and is closely guarded by Nash.

All that is revealed is that the ingredients are first mixed and then matured together . Only after this maturation process are the ingredients processed into what we know and appreciate as the Citruz Range.
Product details:

  • Color: Pink
  • with exceptional fruit esters & Essential Oils
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