MS Range Econ NX 3500



    MS Range Econ NX 3500

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    MS Range
    Econ NX 3500
    with 5.2: 1 ratio
    Modern role with an elegant design!
    The Econ NX from the MS Range Selection not only impresses with its ideal price-performance ratio , but is also of particularly high quality . The reel series of the Econ NX is a great match for your Econ rod series and can also score with an extremely elegant design.
    The basic structure of the MS Range Econ rod and reel series is specially designed for feeder fishing, but it can also be used for other types of fishing.
    Since the Econ NX reel series is defined not only by its pleasant appearance , but also by its extremely good functionality , it is perfect as an everyday fishing tackle with a very high fun factor and long service life .
    The endless backstop ensures that you get an optimal stop and that your line does not get twisted. The S-Curve system integrated in the reel is responsible for the longevity of your line. Because this guarantees the optimal line guidance.
    The Econ NX is equipped with a very robust and well-designed aluminum spool and 5 + 1 ball bearings .
    The immense amount of line drawn in by this reel per turn of the crank is also not to be despised. To round off this reel series even further, features such as a Big Bail , a Vibration Prooved System and a One Way Clutch were added.
    Special Features:
    5 + 1 ball bearings, aluminum spool, manually switchable infinite backstop, One Way Clutch, S-Curve System, Vibration Prooved System, Big Bail, ...
    Spare spool:No
    Ball-bearing:5 + 1
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Line retraction:81cm
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:5.2: 1
    Own weight:281g
    Cord setting:0,25mm/125m
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