Palapinė Pelzer All Weather Dome - 2 MAN TENT



    Palapinė Pelzer All Weather Dome - 2 MAN TENT

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    You can open the front of the all-weather dome completely. This allows the large canopy to be used perfectly, especially in good weather.
    In bad weather, the entrance area is perfectly protected with its large mosquito and insect windows, so that sufficient air circulation is always ensured. Further air and light intake is through two large windows that were "built in" at the back of the tent.
    The robust aluminum support poles (3-way) and 4 aluminum telescopic poles and a flexible frame for the canopy give the tent stability. In addition, all seams are double-sealed.
    The All Weather Dome is delivered in a great, robust transport bag. Also included are pegs and a super sturdy groundsheet.
     Thanks to the removable floor, it is also a perfect alternative to waters where it is forbidden to pitch tents.
    Product detail:
    Dimensions: 280cm x 310cm x 140cm
    Tent material: 100% polyurethane
    Ground sheet: 100% polyethylene
    Transport length: 104cm x 21.5cm x 21.5cm
    Weight: approx. 12kg
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