Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 
    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 
    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 
    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 
    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 
    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed-269,00 



    Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed

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    The RLX 8-leg Bed has been designed and engineered to offer one of our most comfortable beds to date. The system utilises a completely flat profile topped with a luxurious, high density mattress to ensure the perfect night's sleep. The frame houses 8-legs for optimum load distribution across the frame and also makes this the tallest bed we have ever created at an impressive 42 cm and can be adjusted to 57 cm. A full length, fully adjustable lumbar support allows the end user to tailor the firmness of the mattress creating maximum comfort all round.


    • Completely flat profile for a perfect night's sleep
    • Full length adjustable lumbar support for tailored comfort
    • 50 mm thick high-density foam creates a firm, sculptured mattress to offer support where you need it
    • Luxurious waffle knit micro fleece covering the centre of the mattress with a robust outer perimeter
    • 8 adjustable legs with rotating mud feet for optimum load distribution
    • Double-hinge technology allows the sleeping bag to stay attached to the bed when folded up
    • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
    • Two side securing straps allow increased compression of the bed when not in use to make this as compact as possible


    • Open Dimensions: 209 cm (L) x 82 cm (W)
    • Minimum height 42 cm
    • Maximum height 57 cm
    • Closed Dimensions: 85 cm (L) x 82 cm (W) x 37 cm (H)
    • Bed weight: 15.7 kg
    • Outer Material: 100% Polyester
    • Bed is compatible with other sleeping bag models and the NXG Roll-up Bed Bag - 204930
    • Care & Use: Ensure all legs are fully locked out before applying weight to the frame.
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