Gultas Anaconda Freelancer Ti-Lite Flat Carp Rack 7 - New 2021



    Gultas Anaconda Freelancer Ti-Lite Flat Carp Rack 7

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    Very light and stable carp bed
    With the Ti-Lite Flat Carp Rack 7 you don't have to lift heavily. The frame construction is made of Ti Lite and therefore 36% lighter than aluminum and 77% lighter than ordinary steel frames, but this lounger is stable enough to carry up to 155kg. Due to its light weight and small pack size, you can easily transport it and use it to reach fishing spots that are difficult to access. In addition , the built-in material absorbs 50% more vibrations and makes it particularly elastic and shock-resistant despite its high stability.
    Product details:
    Dimensions: 205cm x 80cm
    Pack size: 78cm x 82cm x 25cm
    Weight: 7.7kg
    Transport lock (against unwanted opening during transport)
    extra light Ti-Light construction made of a magnesium alloy
    6-leg construction + 1 extra long additional leg to adjust the backrest
    40-60cm continuously extendable legs made of Ti-Lite with extra large mud feet
    the additional leg can be extended from 55-75cm
    the flat construction enables a flat bed construction without annoying joints
    Made of special 3D mesh, ventilation-optimized mattress with air-permeable, breathable fabric
    Materials: 100% polyester, neoprene, Ti Lite frame construction
    the built-in Ti Lite is 36% lighter than aluminum and 77% lighter than steel
    Load capacity up to 155kg
    modern freelancer look
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