Kėdė Anaconda Freelancer Ti-Lite Carp Seat-170,00 



    Kėdė Anaconda Freelancer Ti-Lite Carp Seat

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    Anaconda Ti-Lite Carp Seat 

    The Anaconda Freelancer Ti-Lite Carp Seat comes "extra light". The extremely stable frame is 36% lighter than aluminum and 77% lighter than an ordinary steel frame.

    Furthermore, the new material absorbs 50% more vibrations, which gives it an incredibly high stability and elasticity (shock resistance).

    The relatively high seat height lets you sit royally on the bank with maximum seating comfort. The seat cover also has an air-permeable, breathable fabric that dries very quickly.

    The optionally mountable table (clamping mechanism) is ideal for storing a drink and various utensils.


    • Lightest chair from the range (Ti-Lite material)
    • Extra light Ti-Light construction made of a magnesium alloy
    • First class seating comfort - relaxing hours at the water guaranteed
    • Stable Ti-Lite legs with extra large mud feet, continuously adjustable
    • Stable special joint for precise adjustment of the backrest
    • Load capacity up to 150 kg
    • Materials: 100 % polyester, neoprene, Ti Lite frame construction
    • 36 % lighter than aluminum and 77 % lighter than steel
    • Modern freelancer optics
    • Transport size: 90cm x 64cm x 20cm
    • Optionally mountable table [216062] (dimensions: 40 x 18 cm - Weight 0.45 kg)

    Global dimensions:

    • Seat: 50cm x 50cm 
    • Backrest: 80cm
    • Legs height: 40-50cm
    • Weight: 4.8 kg


    Optionally mountable table [216062]


    Stable Ti-Lite legs with extra large mud feet, continuously adjustable

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