KREPŠYS Daiwa Cool Bag 48l



    KREPŠYS Daiwa Cool Bag 48l

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    You want fresh food at the pond, then get the Daiwa Cool Bag now
    The Daiwa Cool Bag has a capacity of 48l, which means you can prepare yourself for the safe transport of bait or food.
    Due to the special insulating layer, this bag is also perfect for transporting the caught fish.
    The large front pocket is suitable for storing fishing papers, etc. With a large zip and padded shoulder strap.
    The interior can be easily and easily cleaned with water and a brush if it is dirty.

    Product details:
    Material: 100% nylon,
    Size: 48 x 28 x 36 cm ,
    Capacity: 48 liters
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