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Victron Argodiodas 100-3vnt AC 100A Baterijoms-67,20 
Victron Argodiodas 100-3vnt AC 100A Baterijoms-67,20 
Victron Argodiodas 100-3vnt AC 100A Baterijoms-67,20 
Victron Argodiodas 100-3vnt AC 100A Baterijoms-67,20 



Victron Argodiodas 100-3vnt AC 100A Baterijoms

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Victron Argodiodas -skirtas 2- 3vnt AC 100A akumuliatoriams sujungti i vieną grandinę

The Victron Argo 100-3AC battery isolator (MPN ARG100301000R) allows the current distribution out of one energy source (e.g. alternator) to multiple battery circuits.

With help of these isolators 2 or 3 separate battery circuits can be charged with only one power source. These batteries do not need to be connected which makes installation easier and reduces costs.


  • latest Schottky-diodes (hot-carrier-diodes) to keep voltage-loss at a minimum.
  • equipped with current-limiting connector for alternator energize input (generators, alternator,...)
  • Argo 100-3AC  provides a max. charging current of 100A and supports 3 batteries or battery banks
  • alternator max. current 100A - supply battery can be used without discharging the starter battery

Minimum voltage loss thanks to latest Schottky-diodes (hot-carrier-diodes)
Thanks to latest Schottky-diodes voltage loss is reduced to a minimum - 0.3V at low currents and 0.45V at nominal current.
All models out of Victron's Argo-series are equipped with a compensation-diode which slightly increases the alternator's output voltage and therefore compensates the voltage loss caused by the Schottky-diodes.
This is important because if the isolator is integrated into the cabling between battery and alternator without any compensation a voltage loss occurs that leads to incomplete charging and early battery aging.

Current-limiting alternator connector
Some kinds of generators need DC-voltage on their B+-pole as energize input. On one hand there is a direct connection of battery and generator, on the other hand the isolator prevents a current reflow that keeps the generator from starting.
Arco-diodes (80-2AC or bigger) are equipped with a special alternator connector that allows an energize input when the generator is started. That ensures a smooth current flow between generator and battery.

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