Spiningas Lupus 511RF-259,00 
    Spiningas Lupus 511RF-259,00 
    Spiningas Lupus 511RF-259,00 
    Spiningas Lupus 511RF-259,00 



    Spiningas Lupus 511RF

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    • Lure: ~4g
    • Line: ~3lb / PE ~0.4
    • Total length: 1820mm
    • Storage size: 930mm
    • Weight: 55g
    • Number of joints: 2 pieces (reverse parallel joint)
    • Carbon: 89.0%
    • Guide: SiC-S stainless frame K guide specification (Fuji)
    • Reel seat: DPS16 specification (Fuji)
    • Grip dimensions: a. 190mm / b. 260mm

    A finesse model that supports ultra-thin lines and allows you to freely cast and operate lightweight lures (micro spoons, small crankbaits, etc.) A finesse model that downsizes the main lure of the 61RM. The delicate and flexible tip and belly sections make it easy to catch delicate bites when slowly retrieving lightweight lures, and have the absorption power to reduce the breakage of ultra-thin lines and the stretching of thin-axis hooks when hooking or fighting. Although it is a finesse model, the butt section has enough tenacity to handle unexpected large fish. It is recommended as a main rod for those who prefer a softer tone, as well as for fishing a large number of fish at close ranges in small and medium-sized areas.

     About recommended lures:

    A model that supports lightweight lures such as micro spoons and micro cranks. It is good at developing ultra-small spoons and micro cranks under 1g using ultra-thin lines by winding them extremely slowly. Not only is it sensitive, but it also has the maneuverability and bat power to quickly catch active trout at times such as when they are released with a 3g spoon, so even though it is a finesse rod, it is imbued with the spirit of Yamaga Blanks.

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