Spiningas Daiwa Ballistic-X Seatrout 270cm 10-40g
    Spiningas Daiwa Ballistic-X Seatrout 270cm 10-40g
    Spiningas Daiwa Ballistic-X Seatrout 270cm 10-40g
    Spiningas Daiwa Ballistic-X Seatrout 270cm 10-40g



    Spiningas Daiwa Ballistic X Seatrout 285cm 10-40g - Neu 2020

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    Ballistic X Sea Trout – 952MRS
    with 285cm rod length and casting weight 10-40g
    Concentrated Fighting Power for strong sea trout!
    Especially for the marine fishermen among us Daiwa has released its own adaptation of the Ballistic X, specifically on marine & Seforellenangelei tailored.
    For the Ballistic X Sea Trout was fiddled on Blank long to an exact claims corresponding Top Blank develop. The specially made just for the Sea Trout Blank consists of HVF carbon fiber and has been designed so that it is already optimally charges for casting weights from 10g that he lures and wobblers excellent casting distances safely and accurately to your destination.
    During the fight goes fast blank then in a semi-parabolic action and thus ensures that the risk of dropouts is drastically minimized. This form of action namely headbutts and sudden escapes can be well parried. The V-joint connector of this rod is particularly stable and supports a uniform bending curve .
    The HVF carbon blanks are the X45 construction strengthened to a maximum and get an even stronger backbone which you very long and accurate casts possible. The Ballance this rod also supports the fish for prolonged periods, since the rod very balanced and very pleasant in the hand.
    The price-performance ratio of this rod can be more than excellent for a good price you get an extremely high-quality rod with Fuji DPS reel seat , Fuji O-rings with deep Pressed frame , V-joint connector and a high-quality split EVA handle ,
    Special Features:
    perfectly balanced HVF carbon blanks with large power reserves, V-joint connector (for an even, perfect bending curve), high-quality rod handle made of EVA material, Fuji DPS roll holder, durable Fuji O-guide rod rings with deep Pressed frame, transportation tube ...
    Rods Color:dark
    Rods parts:2
    Casting weight:10-40g
    Rods Length:285cm
    Own weight:160g
    Blank:HVF carbon fiber
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