Yamaga Blanks Early for Mobile 96MMH 4pcs-469,00 



    Yamaga Blanks Early for Mobile 96MMH 4pcs

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    The Early for Mobile models are multi piece, mobile pack rods, which are able to separate into 3~4 pieces. These rods were developed to feel like a 2-piece rod, as Yamaga Blanks refused to sacrifice the rods’ performance in exchange for mobility.

    The Early for Mobile rods’ superior performance will not only assist anglers in fishing, but the mobility has also added a new meaning to “versatility”, as the 3 models in the Early for Mobile series have been built up with concepts, that other Early series do not have.

    The compact rod can easily be carried around, stress free on motorbikes, bicycles and other public transports which you may use to access your fishing grounds in large cities. Furthermore, if you are a frequent flyer, you can tuck away your rod in your suitcase on your business trips overseas. Once in use, you will notice the outstanding casting feel, controllability and the seamless bending curve of the blank, rarely seen in multi-piece rods. The lineup of multi piece rods with exceptional performance will surely open up new fishing grounds for anglers around the world.


    The blank of the Early 96 for Mobile has been designed with a sharp feeling and an outstanding controllability. You will be able to use large 14 cm + Minnows, heavy vibration type lures and blade type lures to search a vast area. You can also target small Blue-runners and Flat fish by fishing with light jigs and soft lures. Yamaga Blanks focused on its casting properties, seamless bending curve and outstanding power during the developmental stages for those traveling anglers who have a vast array of targets around the world.

    Technical Characteristics

    • Target: Seabass, Bluefish, Flatfish, etc
    • Lure: Minnow, Vibration, Spin Tail, Metal jig and any kind
    • Field: Sandy Shores, Rocks, Port, River
    • Length: 2.92 m
    • Transportation Size: 768mm
    • Weight: 180 gr
    • Lure Weight: 10-60 gr
    • Sections: 4
    • Joints: Put Over Grip Joints
    • Guides: Fuji SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide
    • Reel Seat: Fuji VSS16
    • Ideal Spinning Reel Size: Daiwa #LT4000C – 6000 / Shimano #4000 - C5000
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