Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 95 ML



    Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 95 ML (285cm 7-28gr)

    Yamaga Blanks
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    Ilgis2,855 m
    Masė147 g
    Anglies kiekis95,6 %
    ŽiedaiFuji SiC Stainless frame K Guide
    Užmetimo svoris7-28 g
    Valo storisPE#0.8-1.5
    Kilmės šalisJaponija

    Every single Blank which is produced by YAMAGA Blanks is designed to pursue the lightness, the ability of casting and toughness as a reliable tool for fishing.
    The characteristic of EARLY Plus is blanks which have been loaded sharpness and tenacious butt section with toughness.
    Once large seabass is on, rod will be bent and power of lifting will increase when it is bent more and more.
    And in 2016, Another 3 new kind will be added to EARLY Plus series.
    These will enable anglers to cast heavy lure long distance and manipulate it at their will with nice and comfortable feeling.
    These 3 models has been finished as a family of EARLY Plus series to cover various situation and field of fishing such as port, surf, rivers or estuary.

    Early+ 95ML is the best model to explore the huge area like mudflats, river mouth or surf. To search the pin spot of changes of landscape or explore the sea current widely, this is the perfect rod for search game in an open area. Although this is ML class rod, it has been loaded with enough power on the butt section, to make large size class sea bass under control, which means, it is strong enough to fight a big fish from rocks or surf.

    TargetSea bass・Flatfish
    FieldMudflats ・Estuary River ・Surf・Rocks
    LureMinnow around 12㎝・Vibrations・Sinking pencil
    LengthWeightSectionLureLineCarbonPriceJAN CODE
    2855mm147g2pcs7~28gPe 0.8~1.595.6%

    Collapsed size : 1465mm Joint : Put Over Ferule
    Guide:SiC Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)Reel Seat:VSS16(Fuji)
    Suitable spinning reel size:DAIWA around #2500~3500 / SHIMANO around # 3000~4000
    Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.


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