Spiningas G.Loomis SR 842-2 GLX (213см 2-9gr)



    Spiningas G.Loomis SR 842-2 GLX (213см 2-9gr)

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    Trout & Panfish
    Ultra-lite fishing is a heck-of-a-lot of fun. Techniques vary from small jigs or bait to micro-sized crankbaits and tiny spinners. Matching rods to such a variety of uses is a challenge, but not impossible. Our SR rods are designed primarily for trout and panfish, but as anglers will, they've discovered a multitude of different applications for these light-duty rods including bass fishing with small lures & soft plastics, shad fishing with darts and tiny jigs, bonefish and seatrout fishing on the flats with small grubs and jigs. The rods we've put into this series have moderate to fast tapers. They are designed to cast as far as necessary, depending on the technique and to protect light line, but don't let that fool you. They are remarkably tough and can handle surprisingly big fish. We offer a number of options in graphites, length, powers and actions, but for the most part, they are light-duty freshwater rods. Some anglers prefer a short rod while others prefer a longer rod. It all depends on your situation. Whatever your choice, we're confident we've got all the bases covered... ENJOY!

    SR842-2 GLX: An unbelievably light and sensitive trout and grayling rod. Designed for light line, it handles really well with six-pound test. The seven-foot length affords longer casts, which makes it nice for lake fishing from the shore. It has enough backbone to handle a bonefish and works well for shad as long as you can fish small jigs and spoons. Spinner anglers will appreciate the light tip and fast-action for small to medium-sized blade baits. 


    • GLX, IMX, and GL3 performance level rods with moderate to fast tapers and ultra-light to medium power-ratings for both trout & panfish
    • Feature small, lightweight, cork mid-body grips of varying lengths, depending on rod size for comfort and casting control
    • These rods are designed to protect light line, but are surprisingly powerful in spite of their spider- thin line ratings
    • Convenient hook keeper
    • G.Loomis rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
    • Made in the U.S.A.

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