Shimano Stella FK 2500 S new 2022-669,00 



    Shimano Stella FK 2500 S new 2022

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    Shimano Stella FK 2500 S
    The absolute flagship among stationary reels!
    The latest version of the Stella was made with upgraded with a whole range of technical features that guarantee the highest standard and maximum possible performance in the spinning reel market - for anglers who prefer to hold the best of the best in their hands. 

    If you're one of those anglers who don't want to compromise, you'll love the latest version of the Stella. The latest product of constant further development will further underpin its status as a reel icon. The improvements to this masterpiece of engineering affect pretty much every part - including the gears, the line management and the drag. They not only make fishing more efficient and effective, but also provide even more fun. Shimano calls this the "Infinity Evolution" - but for anglers all over the world, it will simply remain "the Stella". 

    Fishing with the Stella has always been an unforgettable experience , this combination of highly technical element and angling finesse is further reinforced by the "Infinity" technologies. InfinityXross stands for an even more robust gear construction than the legendary Hagane gear. 

    This extends the service life - even if it is permanently exposed to the toughest conditions and the power of the wildest fish. InfinityLoop describes an ultra-slow spool oscillation that results in even better line lay. This demonstrably reduces line friction when throwing, which produces more accurate and longer casts. InfinityDrive stands for incredible power transmission. Especially when cranking up heavy opponents, extra power and absolute ease of movement come to the fore. Even in the most extreme situations, you can keep the pressure high when cranking. 

    Another feature helps to improve line lay: the anti-twist fin on the line roller controls the pressure on the spool cord to be laid. And then there is a new braking system. Duracross delivers an even smoother line pull, more robustness and hooking power. For the angler who only wants the best tackle.

    Product Details :
    - Hagane Gear
    - Hagane Body
    - Micro Module II
    - MGL Rotor
    - Infinity Loop
    - InfinityXRoss
    - Infinity Drive
    - Duracross
    - Silent Drive
    - Anti Twist Fin
    - X Protect
    - G Free Body
    - AR-C / Long Stroke Spool
    - Rigid Support Drag
    - S ARB
    - One Piece Bail
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    Spare spool:no
    translation:5.1: 1
    ball-bearing:12 + 1
    Cord setting (exact):0.20mm / 95m
    Cord retraction:75 cm
    weight:210 g
    Braking force:4 kg
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