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For more than 30 years, Twin Power has built on a reputation for reliability and undeniable power. With the use of ultra-light, super-stiff aluminum in the body and rotor, plus the very latest and most advanced gearing technology, this is a reel you can rely on in the toughest situations.

If you're the type of angler who doesn't compromise on equipment, then the Twin Power is for you. The ultra-light feel and undeniable strength and stiffness of the Twin Power body and rotor make it one of the best reels in its price range. While other reels sometimes sacrifice weight for power, or vice versa, the Twin Power offers the best of both worlds. It is available in 10 models: from the small compact 2000 to a powerful C5000 and everything in between to choose a suitable option for every situation. The series is also available in different gear ratios so you can choose the right speed to suit the angler's style and fishing technique.

The Twin Power is equipped with the latest HAGANE technology, including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Micro Module II and Silent Drive . In addition, the mill benefits from the three latest 'INFINITY' technologies (INFINITYLOOP, INFINITYXROSS, INFINITY DRIVE). When fishing, you can't ignore the powerful, smooth feel that comes from the meticulous gear construction backed by the most advanced reel technology. The Twin Power is also equipped with the latest Duracross drag system, which allows you to play even more confidently. To increase casting distance and accuracy, the reel is equipped with an advanced Long Stoke AR-C Spool where the Anti-Twist Fin prevents the line from leading to wind knots when slack.

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