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    Ritė Shimano 19 Tekota A 301HG LC New 2020 su valo skaitliuku

    Shimano Curado E
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    Tekota A 301 HG LC - LH *
    with 6.6: 1 ratio
    * Linkshand
    Boots- & Trollingrolle
    The new Tekota A HG LC are quickly translated multi-reels with a compact housing for boat fishing, as well as troll entry (or trolling), in salt water and our waters.
    If you look closely at the equipment and the technology of the Tekota A trolling reel, you will immediately notice that you are dealing with true "workhorses" for uncompromising use in boat fishing, trolling fishing and many other application methods in salt water!
    The automatic line guide ensures that the Tekota A HG LC drag rollers with high-speed translation always deliver a perfect winding pattern even in extreme situations and under heavy loads .
    While the line guide provides an optimal shearing pattern, the extremely robust reel body made of Hagane ensures that the entire inner workings of the Tekota deep-sea multi reels for trolling & Co are stored absolutely safely and torsion-free!
    The star brake is equipped with a maximum braking force of 9kg and enables extremely precise adjustment so that you can react perfectly to any situation and especially in a matter of seconds.
    Here we are dealing with the perfect operational role for boat & light troll entry in salt water, or surf surfing, which is prepared for every situation!
    Special Features:
    Hagane roller housing with Compact Body Design & EI Surface Treatment (= corrosion-resistant surface treatment for a long service life), robust brass gear, powerful braking system with sensitive adjustable star brake, 3 + 1 S A-RB ball bearings for a permanently quiet roller run, Super Free System (reduces line friction during the throw), diecast aluminum spool, resistant double crank with soft touch crank knob (provides perfect power transmission and ensures a comfortable use), clicker system, automatic line lay system, line counter, left-hand model, ...
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