Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power FD C2000S - New 2020



    Naujiena! Shimano Twin Power 5000 SW-B XG

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    Saltwater spinning reel par excellence!
    These Twin Power SW models combine the most modern and sophisticated technologies , paired with a powerful POWER and the legendary and popular Stella SW design!
    The brake system is a double disc brake system , which means that 2 brake discs are used simultaneously on this role. One of the discs is located above the spool and the other is working on a very large Carbontex system below the spool, as with the Stella SW-B. This results in more braking power and greater heat dissipation when extremely fast prey is fished.
    Harsh conditions require RAW POWER - and the new SW's have plenty of that!
    The ingenious X-Shield system prevents salt water from entering in any situation, so you can concentrate fully on the fight with your prey.
    The workmanship is one of the best on the market and the Twin Power SW-B models can easily keep up with their big sister, the Stella SW-B!
    Special Features:
    10 + 1 ball bearings, X-Rigid-Gear, X-Tough-Double-Drag-System, machine-milled aluminum crank, anti-rust ball bearings, diamond-coated line roller, AR-C spool with titanium rim, cold-forged ESD duralumin master gear, robust hybrid -Aluminium alloy body, waterproof X-Shield gear, salt water resistant (simply rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use), ...
    Spare spool:No
    Transmission:cold forged aluminum
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:6.2: 1
    Ball-bearing:10 + 1
    Line retraction:105cm
    Own weight:420g
    Braking force:13kg
    Casing:Aluminum- (Tama) Hagane-Hybrid
    Cord holder:0,33mm/200m, 0,37mm/150m, 0,40mm/130m
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