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    NAUJIENA! Ritė Shimano Stradic 4000 XG FL

    Shimano Stradic FL
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    Stradic 4000 XG FL
    with 6.2: 1 ratio
    Combat reels for the heavier applications of modern spin fishing!
    They are finally here - the large models of the Stradic FL front drag reels for modern spin fishing with most artificial lures, as well as guidance methods and the hunt for predators in Europ's fishing waters.
    In terms of equipment features, the 4000 and 5000 sizes were clearly designed for spin fishing in extreme situations and under high loads and ensure that you can safely guide even larger and particularly active predatory fish into your net!
    The MicroModule Gear II gear system with Silent Drive technology ensures absolutely smooth, precise & reliable roller running , which you can absolutely rely on even in extreme situations, for example when fighting with colossal pikes.
    While the transmission ensures that the new Stradic 4000 XG an enormous Fighting Power may, ensures the Hagane Rollenbodsy with G-Free Body Design for a safe and distortion proof storage of the inner life, and despite himself the greatest loads without problems.
    In order to increase the service life to a maximum and to enable optimal protection of the reel technology, the large models of the Stradic FJ for heavier spin fishing are equipped with the proven X-Protect system , which offers perfect protection against ingress of water, but also provides frictional resistance minimized between rotor & gearbox.
    Of course, some features of the previous models have also been retained, including the X-Ship gear technology , or the cold-forged aluminum spool with long stroke spool with AR-C long-throw spool edge .
    In conclusion, it can be said that with the 4000XG and the C5000XG, the Shimano team has created almost unbeatable spinning reels for almost every freshwater spinning session, which can handle even particularly stubborn predatory fish and which you can fully rely on in every situation!
    Area of ​​application model 4000 XG:
    The 4000 size of the Stradic FL spinning reels is suitable for a variety of application and control methods when spinning for pike, asp, cod, huchen, salmon & Co!
    Special features of the Stradic FL 4000XG spinning reels:
    6 + 1 ball bearings, Aerowrap II line laying, Hagane reel body with G-Free Body Design, powerful front drag system with 11kg / 24lb maximum braking force, Hagane Gear precision gear, X-Protect 3 gear protection, X-Ship gear transmission, Long Stroke AR-C long cast spool made of cold forged Aluminum with a V-shaped spool edge for more throws and less backlash, aluminum single crank with large soft-touch T-handle knob, MicroModul II gear technology for a silky smooth run & highest precision, Silentdrive takes the smoothness to a new level, one-piece bail line catcher ,. ...
    The Stradic FL are also suitable for spin fishing in salt water - but please rinse the reel thoroughly after use (do not submerge it under water)!
    Spare spool:no
    Ball-bearing:6 + 1
    Kitchen sink:Aluminum
    Crank:Single crank
    Translation:6.2: 1
    Own weight:280g
    Dexterity:Left hand, right hand
    Braking force:11kg
    Line retraction:101cm
    Target fish:Predatory fish, salt water
    Cord setting:0,30mm/180m
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